A finance Lease helps you conserve your ‘working capital’ (cash flow) and spread the cost of your purchase over the life of the equipment. This means minimal outlay of cash.


Commonly known as ‘Operating Lease’, Rental is best explained as “paying for the use of equipment owned by someone else”. In this case, the Financier is the owner.

Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP)

Also known as ‘Hire Purchase’, ‘Term Purchase’ or ‘CHP’ it is similar to a lease. The equipment is carried as an asset and the loan as a liability, in your Balance Sheet.

Chattel Mortgage

Chattel Mortgage is essentially a mortgage over goods to be financed. The goods automatically become the borrowers property on purchase and we take a mortgage over the chattels

Revolving Line of Credit

This facility provides you with a flexible style of financing your ongoing equipment needs. Having an approved limit, there is no need to apply and sign new contracts every time you require finance and to further assist your cash flow, you can make a minimum of interest only payments each month.