Revolving Line of Credit

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This line of credit facility suits a business which has an ongoing need to purchase inventory for their business. This is ideal for businesses such as hire and rental, suppliers of vending machines, amusement machines, manufacturers and many others.

The benefits to these type of businesses are that they can pay as little as the interest only component each month which leaves more cash available in ensuing months to purchase more income producing equipment. There is no real estate security required and apart from a $250 application fee and possible stamp duty, there are no ongoing fees AND no need to sign contracts every time you require finance.

This is tailored to allow these businesses to grow without the restraints normally associated with other finance products.


Principal Amount $10,000 $50,000 $100,000 $200,000
Approx. monthly interest only payment $158.33 $791.67 $1,583.33 $3,166.67